Korea Day 1, lunch at the acorn restaurant

We went to this restaurant that specializes in acorn dishes. I LOVE Korean things made with acorn; mostly, acorn is ground into a flour and the flour is kneaded with water and cooked to form a jelly. All the variations start from there. It exermplifies my favorite features of Korean food: the resourcefulness, the thorough use of goodies that occur in nature, and the ability to create a scrumptious feast around something as simple and modest as… an acorn. Whodda thunk, right?

The shameless pornography you see above happens to be slices of smoked Korean duck, served with a bunch of vegetables and seasoning. Acorn jelly is hiding underneath the mound of yellow bean sprouts. With a side of sweet mustard sauce, this was insanely delicious, though not acorn-centric. YET. Observe:

This is acorn noodles hiding under generous sprinklings of crushed peanuts and spicy, tangy sauce.  The whole lot is mixed together thusly:

Ohhhh yeah. This was also insanely delicious. When something insanely delicious meets the Seol family, the following happens:

Also, behold the magic of acorn pancake: this, I’ve never had before. I gather they take a runny batter of acorn flour and fry it thinly with slivers of herbs and mushrooms. It was like a nutty, slightly chewy savory crepe. Heaven is when you get paper-thin slices of it wrapped around some spicy noodles…..

See how thin it is?

NUMMERz. I’m definitely planning to do a post on acorn jelly salad recipes in the future but I think I’m going to go home and attempt this pancake. Our ‘plus one’ ingredient would be acorn flour, which I’ve definitely found in large Korean supermarkets but I’m not sure where else it could be found. If I could find a reliable recipe for this acorn-crepe-thing, Its versatility should be endless… Imagine folding the whole pancake and filling it with all kinds of yummies! We can be brazenly fusion and stuff it with CHEESE! Or a quesadilla-type approach?

and…  because all this food made me giddy x 10000, this is just me goofing off outside of the restaurant while my dad is taking a call that looks… important.

Thoughts of New York home and work and normal life neuroses are far, far away and my belly is full of the fruits of this soil. I am liking this trip so far. A LOT.


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